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Burnt Out


Explore this collection of creative projects by Spectrum's Creative Committee.


Featuring works by Jamie Kaplan, Tori Thorp, Mariana Toumazou, Saadhi Jakka, Anushka Chandiramani, Patricio Pino, Nikkita Pandey, and Elzie Doyle. 


Written by Jamie

Designed by Tori

all of their lives are communal.


they oversleep,

wake up too close to the time class starts,

don’t eat until they feel thin,

but they sure do like that—

so, they only allow themselves to taste



This is partly my fault.

You see, it’s my job to whisper sweet temptations in their ears.

Their vulnerability tastes like Espresso Martinis—

I can never resist.


I can smell it in the air, you know.

The salt in their tears,

the sound of their sighs,

the body odor that is paired with neglected showers—

they are in autopilot;

it’s all




They beg me to go away,

telling me:

i can’t do anything anymore.

What they do not know is that if they listened to me more,

I could make them feel good.

Like that feeling when the room is pitch black,

you’re under the covers,

you’re falling asleep,

your conscious thoughts convert into dreams,

and all your cares have vanished into one empty moment of nothingness.

Can you guess who I am?

Can you stop me?



Written by Saadhi 

Designed by Mariana

anushka prism.png

Designed by Anushka

Written by Patricio

Bloody Tears

Written by Nikkita 

Designed by Elzie

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