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We are Northeastern University’s official, award-winning literary arts magazine.

Our triannual publications showcase exceptional poetry, prose, photography, and artwork created by Northeastern students, staff, and alumni. As an organization, we provide authors and artists with constructive criticism devised by our community. Our general members help our executive board select the highest quality pieces from our submission pool, developing their foundational principles of art, design, writing, and critique. Over the course of the semester, Spectrum builds close connections within this creative community and cultivates a truly collaborative critique experience.



We accept submissions of poetry, prose, art, and photography by Northeastern students, faculty, and alumni. Submissions are open year-round!


Every Thursday during our general meetings, our members review and discuss our submissions. Throughout the semester, Spectrum fosters a genuinely collaborative environment for constructive critique.


Our design team assesses our pool of submissions, creates pairings, and designs the magazine spreads. Each issue is uniquely curated around the common themes found in the accepted submissions.


At the end of every season, we hold a release party to celebrate the completion of the issue and the creativity it beholds.


Then we start again! We build three editions every year: Spring, Summer, and Fall.

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