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My name is Quinn Pasmantier, and I'm a second year Speech Pathology and Audiology major. My main contribution to Spectrum is art, but I also occasionally do poetry! No matter what type of medium I send in, though, I always do my best to make it fun. It's why my poems tend to be rhyming, and my art pieces tend to have lots of vibrant colors-- I want something that the viewer can really latch onto and get something out of (even if its not what I intended). As for why I create, I really find it relaxing -- but also, I do it because I can. A lot of people who are new to art or poetry tend to shy away from starting because they're worried they'll "do it wrong". Creativity isn't a math problem!! There is no one set answer. Draw because you own a pencil, write because you have a notes app. I'm definitely a strong believer in the idea that everyone should try making art at least once: so if you make anything, you need to send it to me. I'll be waiting to see what you come up with, okay?

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