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Explore this collection of creative projects by Spectrum's Creative Committee.


Featuring works by Sophia Petrucci, Jesica Bak, Charles Madden, Naomi Desai, Allison Choi, and Hollie Park.

The sunlight breathes, and
Angels float down in the wind.
I am reborn blue.
Once haunted by you,
I now bathe in the dawn mist.
In and out, repeat.
Untitled_Artwork 3_edited.png

Winds of Change

Designed by Sophia Petrucci
Written by Jesica Bak

Entitled “Winds of Change,” our piece is just that: an emblem of the cyclical nature of things. Begin by focusing your attention to the first visual element, an abstract cacophony of bright sunset colors.


Then, shift your eyes right to our first haiku, which was written in direct response to the emotions and imagery that the first image emits. Move downwards to our second visual element, which was itself created in direct response to the haiku above it.


Finally, end with our final haiku, constructed in direct response to the blue visual element before it. Thus, we present a cycle of our own production. 

Oh, Jane

Designed by Naomi Desai and Charles Madden

Photography by Charles Madden

This spread was inspired by Jane’s Blue Jeans, a poem written by Dave Etter in May of 1979. While the poem is short and sweet, the writer’s admiration for Jane is evident. Using a combination of photography and digital collaging, we decided to illustrate this fictional “Jane” as a confident and carefree soul.

Mixtape Render - Angle 1.png

A  Spring Mixtape

By Allison Choi and Hollie Park

March 20: The First Day of Spring. Break is over and we’re back in Boston, but spring is just beginning. 


Do you remember warm days in elementary school? Hoping you get to go outside for recess again, asking to go to the playground after school lets out? That’s what I think of when I curate my spring playlist. 


The days are edging longer, so our playlists should adjust accordingly, no? Here’s what we have been listening to—what’s on your playlist?

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