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The Earthly Ethereal

Explore this collection of creative projects by Spectrum's Creative Committee.

Featuring works by Quinn Pasmantier, Grace Wilson, Ava Morin, Alexia Ilie, May Pham, Valentina Gutierrez, Lily Wong, and Sarah Shiferaw.

Written by Grace, Designed by Alexia


Out of Tune

Written by Sarah, Designed by Quinn

i think i hate memory
Written by Valentina, Designed by Lily
i think i hate memory.png

You woke me up 

To the sound of traffic jams and planes departing 

To glass breaking and dogs howling 

To eyes that wore judgment and stares that felt like a burn 

You woke me up

To the blush which made my stomach turn and the bright roses which whispered your name

Suffocated by the warm blanket you wrapped me in, 

Warm yellow beams forming stars I see 

I know you’ll never let go

I’m wide awake 

but now you’re sleeping

 and I don’t know how to be awake without you 

Written by Ava, Designed by May

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