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A Fond Farewell

Explore this collection of creative projects by Spectrum's Creative Committee.

Featuring works by Quinn Pasmantier, Grace Wilson, Ava Morin, Alexia Ilie, May Pham, and Valentina Gutierrez.

October Refuses to Leave Me

October Refuses To Leave Me_20231020014810.png

Written by Ava and Designed by Quinn

Holly Street

Written by Grace
Designed by May

Spectrum Final 1_edited.png

In third grade I knocked out your tooth

I don’t know if you remember now

I hugged you so hard

My head smashed it out

But you weren’t mad 

You held it up proudly

Flashing your new smile


I miss it 

Six minute walks

My house to yours,

Where we’d watch Aquamarine

And talk about where we’d swim away to if we were mermaids

Spectrum Final 3.jpg

I remember when your first boyfriend broke up with you

I can feel the blanket wrapped around you on my cheek

When I hugged you on your front porch

I wanted to knock his teeth out

This time I would’ve meant it

When I close my eyes I feel it all at once

The grass and the carpet and the blanket

And the hurt of when you stopped coming around


It’s okay

I’m not there either

Neither is my childhood cat

Who used to sleep on your lap at the kitchen table

I’m too tall for the bed, anyway

It’s better this way

Spectrum Final 2.jpg

We had our whole lives to play pretend in your attic

Like we knew how to be anything other than kids

The wildest machination of our imagination

Was that we believed this would last forever


I get lost in hindsight

The memories smell like laying on the grass in your backyard

And feel like the purple carpet in your playroom

Following you home to a haunted house and halved apples

I can still trace the halls in my mind

Out to the treehouse your dad built

When we had grown out of playing outside 


My Immigration Sob Story

Written by Valentina and Designed by Alexia

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