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Explore this collection of creative projects by Spectrum's Creative Committee.


Featuring works by Sophia Petrucci, Jesica Bak, Charles Madden, Naomi Desai, Allison Choi, and Hollie Park.

spectrum wonky water typeface.png

This typeface was created using a mixture of Adobe Illustrator and Blender 3.0, applications that I learned to use over the winter break. Navigating around these sophisticated design applications was no joke, but I found it enjoyable learning the basics of design, illustration, and animation while working on this project. Its uses may vary from its functionality as an animated interface element, introduction or title sequence for videos, standalone piece, and more.'

About the project

"My typeface celebrates the retrofuturistic and cyberpunk designs of esteemed illustrator Hajime Sorayama. The sharp, bold curvature and glistening of the chromatic coat that each letter reflects are inspired by Sorayama’s portrayals of gynoids. "

Allison Choi


How are you staying busy this winter break? 


How are you staying busy this winter break? 

The Inspiration

Family Reunion
Naomi Desai

"Over winter break, I spent a lot of time indoors with family. One game we played very often is called Keezbord, a Dutch board game. I decided to illustrate the cards in Keezbord as a reminder of the memories and laughs I shared with my family while playing the game."

The Early Must Wait

Hollie Park

i walk too fast for someone who plans for accidents

and for people who really don’t care if i’m late

i just like being places early

and being the one to wait


being on time is a choice

being late is an accident

being early may be a waste of time


but waiting makes me feel secure,

as if i will never be the one in the wrong

because i have been here all along

and you, you have chosen the accident


there is solace in waiting

this is something i hope you learn someday

everyone is waiting in silence


we tell ourselves we are not

insist we live in the present

the future is unknown, after all


but when the future becomes the present

and we have spent all our past in the wait

we know nothing else

From the Writer

"My film studies professor had us read “How to be Late and How to be on Time” at the beginning of the semester. It insisted that one must plan for the unexpected, and to be on time, one had to be prepared. No excuses. And I realized, I could have co-authored this hustle culture article. Maybe my writing would have been more patient, though. I’m usually always early. If it takes 10 minutes to get somewhere, I leave the apartment 20 minutes beforehand. And I’ll get there in 10 minutes, always, wait 10 minutes for my person to be on time, and another 10 or so minutes for them to be late. It’s not about being punctual, because life happens. It’s thinking about someone who’s waiting for you. If we both got there 10 minutes early, we’d have so much more time together."

As 2022 crept in on us,

we all faced the same unsettling truth:

this is our second time entering the new year

in the middle of a relentless pandemic, the world is increasingly burning up, society seems to be moving back on its axis, and life continues to feel bleak. And yet, there is comfort in the universality of the annual New Year’s Resolutions list we all still make to mark off a fresh start to a brand new year. Making my list, I feel like a kid jotting down her goals in her diary, determined to tell the cutest guy in her fifth grade class how she feels about him. But as I continue to depart my adolescent years, the more I think about my aging parents and all the resolutions they had never checked off. Thus, instead of my regular reminders to get all As and save more money, I wrote my list this year in the form of a brief poem, written in the voice of my mother with all

her annoying, nagging remarks that

I can’t imagine not hearing

one day. 


Eat more bean sprouts—they are good for strengthening the mind.

Same with the beans in your rice (stop picking them out), but don’t eat seaweed soup before an exam—I don’t care if you call me silly; your preparation will slip out of your brain like slippery seaweed.

Remember to set the garbage out on Thursday nights—they come to pick it up on Friday mornings.

Read the Bible more. Sometimes we need a reminder of our faith.

Stop crying so often. Don’t you know you look ugly when you cry like that?!

I still don’t think you will make much money (is it too late for you to study pharmaceuticals?), but if you’re going to be a writer, you may as well remember to always write with purpose and conviction.

Do well to be respectful to your unni—there is no sister on Earth who would spoil you as much as she.

Stop picking at your face, baby. You’re never going to get rid of your acne like that.

And start making your own doctor’s appointments. (You’re twenty years old, for God’s sakes, aren’t you embarrassed?)

I think there’s more but I can’t remember. (I’m not twenty years old anymore!) Just,

Be wary of:
         giving people second chances, strange men walking behind you on the street, rotten fruit at the grocery store, free samples, ghosts, sweet-sounding words, promises, marriage, and love.

New Year’s Resolutions (in the Wake of My Mother)

Jesica Bak

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